Distance-learning module for Family Doctors

E-learning is still not popular in vocational training of GP/FD not only in Poland but also in other European countries (especially in Central and Western European countries).

A distance–learning course called "DocQI course" developed in this project can influence this situation. This is the first European level online programme designed specifically for GPs in this subject and translated into CEE languages, such as: Polish, Slovenian and Czech, filling a long existing gap in this area.

The methodology was transferred from the Leonardo da Vinci project PL/02/B/F/PP/140056 "Towards development of the European Network of Postgraduate and Continuous Education of Family Physicians"- especially the product: DOCEDU: Internet Learning Course for Family Doctors, www.docedu.klrwp.pl).


The DocQI course is designed by and for general practitioners (GPs/FDs/FPs) as an introduction to the concept, content and practice of Quality Improvement (QI) in their everyday work. It may reach neglected (underserved) vocational trainees who cannot attend a course that offers the education on QI.



DocQI course consists of three modules with links to material with more details:

  • Module I – Introduction to the Concepts, Principles, & Models of QI ending with a QI Competency Self-assessment.
  • Module II – Setting targets for improvement, measures for improvement, managing and implementing changes using the Plan-DO–Change-Act cycle.
  • Module III – Ethics, Leadership, Implementation & Managing Change.

Each module ends with a revising test which helps them to check whether their acquired new part of materials, or not.


DocQI online course for GPs that can reach underserved vocational trainees who cannot attend a stationary/traditional course. It may improve quality and innovation of traditional vocational education system and programmes. This platform supports participants in vocational training and further  training activities in the acquisition and usage of knowledge, skills and  qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and  participation in the European labour market. It aims at capitalizing the results of the project, to find synergies and links between GPs, training institutions, and other stakeholders of health care system.



The course is available in 4 language versions: English, Polish, Slovenian and Czech. The course is free of charge.

Please click here to start the DocQI online course.