Web-based tool (a SAQ Tool)

A SAQ tool is an online self-assessment tool that is accessible to European family physicians transferred from the project PL/02/B/F/PP-140056. The tool includes all competencies and domains defined in the “QI Competency Framework ” and enables collecting data about physicians’ self-perceived competencies. These data are helpful for examining the criterion, content and construct validity of the developed list of competencies. The tool is also accessible for GP teachers of QI and policy makers to bring other perspectives into the study and stimulate discussion about educational needs.

SAQ tool operates in 6 languages: English, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Albanian, Dutch.


Levels of assessment

A SAQ tool assesses the needs of main 4 categories of stakeholders in the field of FM: decision maker, teacher in family medicine, general practitioner, patient

  1. The decision maker’s perspectivethe 
    - nature and level of skills that general practitioners should display in their daily work, as seen by decision makers in the field of healthcare
  2. The teacher in FM perspective
    - has a double aim, firstly to assesses the nature and level of skills and competencies that GPs should possess, as desired or expected by teachers in FM, and secondly to assess the competencies offered by the courses currently being taught in CME programs.
  3. The General Practitioners perspective: 
    - helps GPs to self-assess their perceived level of skills and competencies in several areas of quality improvement
  4. The patient’s perspective
    - the tool assesses the nature and level of skills or competencies that GP should possess in their daily work, as desired and perceived by patients



It can be used for self-assessment of QI competencies; it can be used by GPs, FM teachers, patients and policy makers. These possibilities are reflected in the adapted interface. The tool can generate date, make comparisons and show trends as well as help in performing gap analysis. It is a useful, innovative instrument which can be also used by academics who want to do comparative studies related to the self-assessment and educational needs in different health care system contexts.

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