Course entitled “Vocational Education and Training in Quality Improvement Course” was conducted from October 11th to October 13th in Prague. It was aimed at the family medicine teachers from Europe. Methodology of the course was transferred from the LdV project PL/02/B/F/PP/140056 "Towards development of the European Network of Postgraduate and Continuous Education of Family Physicians"- especially the product: Leonardo EURACT Course for Trainers in Family Medicine.



The VET course was addressed to the FM teachers from the EU, especially those involved in one-to-one teaching in practice settings. The course was attended by 21 participants and run by 5 course directors. The participants were enrolled from the participating countries (5 from PL, 5 from SL, 6 from CZ, 4 from NL, 1 from DK). The course presented not only a new approach to teaching methods, content QI courses but also it acquainted participants with new tool & methods that might be useful in performing of formal courses at LLL level in European countries. The VET course participants were also familiarized with the SAQ web-based tool for measuring the gap competencies in QI and clinical guidelines.



The program of the course was based on current best practices and knowledge and concentrated on delivering of practical skills how to prepare and implement in practice QI projects and how to teach students and residents QI topics. The course consisted of 5 modules, in which different teaching methods were used (i.e. lectures, small group work, plenary discussion, and interactive sessions). It presented several lectures, summarized current knowledge and “state of the art” in specific fields, or was an introduction to exercises and plenary or small group work. Most of the activities were based on active and interactive work. It ensured a balance between a theory and practical exercises, and offer variety of teaching methods (such: brainstorm, focus groups, buzz groups, small groups, plenary sessions, gold-fish bowl).



Our course is a valuable training not only for FM teachers but also for GPs/FM doctors. It may motivate them to be self-directed and responsible for learning activities. This course aimed at educators in participating countries may prepare them to use the basic structure of the course in future in their own country, adapting it to the country-specific requirements for the teaching process and level of development of family medicine teaching. Participants should also be connected with a teaching institution to ensure the sustainability of the project in the longer term. On completion of the course groups of participants should be able to provide teacher-training courses to family medicine teachers in their own country.



The VET testing course was held in Prague from October 11th to October 13th 2012.