Report (WP3)

The aim of this Report is to develop and present how a comprehensive list of QI competencies within a framework for continuing professional development for European GPs/FDs was agreed and set up.

In order to set up the above mentioned framework the appropriate study  in three phases building on one another was carried out:

  1. literature review,
  2. consensus development panel and
  3. Delphi technique.

The Quality Improvement for General Practitioners competencies framework was initially developed from an extensive worldwide literature review focusing on literature in English from 2000 to 2011 and addressing quality improvement competencies for general practitioners in continuous education programs. Two rounds of Consensus Development Panels were undertaken to evaluate and make changes to the initial draft competency framework. Two rounds of Delphi surveys were carried out in an effort to finalise the framework. Both surveys were presented through SurveyMonkey, an online survey service, and send by email to European Association for Quality in General Practice (EQuiP) members. On the basis of the activities described above, a Quality Improvement Competencies Framework was developed. It consists of a list of 35 competencies organised into the following domains: Patient Care & Safety, Effectiveness & Efficiency, Equity & Ethical Practice, Methods & Tools, Leadership & Management, and Continuing Professional Education.

These six thematic groups of competencies emerged covering various aspects of general practitioners’/family doctors’ work including clinical, organisational and ethical issues and patient safety.



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