Report 2

It is proved, that in order to accelerate the speed of adoption of QI and to avoid the repetition of mistakes, GPs from different parts of Europe should study examples in their fellow countries. A description of quality projects undertaken in general practice, presentation of the best examples with analysis of its success factors can help in informing them about valuable developments.

The aims of the report are: to gather and summarize information about QI projects
and to identify factors necessary for successful project.

The indirect aim from this Report is to improve GPs' knowledge in the field of Quality Improvement (QI) activities related to CVD in family medicine. As a results of that aim, database, journal websites and google search limited to English language publications were carried out. For the description in results section the articles were selected if they described any type of QI programmes concerning CVD (hypertension, dyslipidemia, HF, CHD, DM) in Family Medicine/General Practice (FM/GPs) in Europe which were evaluated and were successful. The most recent projects were selected. The authors of the studies evaluating described programmes mentioned several factors which may be necessary for a successful QI programme.

This report with the systematic overview of the successfully implemented quality projects (which adopt a broad view of the magnitude and nature of quality) may create an important European perspective that couldn’t be created based on experience from one country only. Data included in the report can be used to stimulate interest of teachers in family medicine on QI.

Additional information on other programmes identified in this search are provided in the Appendix.

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