Report 1

The aim of this report is to give an overview of the current situation of teaching quality in the European medical curriculum and to formulate some general recommendations and a proposal for European curriculum in quality improvement, based on analysis of existing frameworks for quality improvement and teaching quality. Because the European Association for Quality in General Practice/Family Medicine (EQuiP) focuses on primary care, the scope of the report is on general practice/family medicine.

Central in WP1 of this project is the proposal of a European curriculum in QI for general practice. This proposal is based on the analysis of existing theoretical frameworks for Quality Improvement and for teaching quality. WP1 also comprises an overview of how quality improvement is implemented in the existing European training programs in family medicine and in lifelong learning programs for GPs/FDs.

Since EQuiP focusses on primary care, the scope of this report is on general practice/family medicine. Yet, this report also describes the education and teaching at the start of the medical curriculum because a focus on the topic of quality in care during the vocational training is also of utmost importance for future GPs/FDs. As this topic remains an important part of continous medical education and continous medical development of general practitioners, this aspect of the medical training is also included in this report. Although the focus is primarily on general practice/family doctors, many of the conclusions may also be important for education of other medical professionals and specialists.

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