New guidelines for management of diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension: a Polish perspective

The new guidelines' goal is to offer the best available and most balanced information to all those involved in the management of arterial hypertension in the elderly people. They were prepared on the principle that guidelines should be educational rather than merely prescriptive. The guidelines are based on the strength of available evidence, with the scientific evidence drawn from many sources and not only from clinical trials and their meta-analyses.



The objective of these guidelines is to serve as an instrument to improve health care for hypertensive persons and people suffering from diabetes mellitus within the framework of primary care. The main users of these guidelines are family doctors and the primary care nursing staff and other professionals: interns, cardiologists and nephrologists, diabetologists who care for the patients on an outpatient basis.


The guidelines development in the project were based on an extensive and critical review of data from large randomized clinical trials but also on observational studies and other sources of information provided they were obtained in studies meeting a high scientific standard. The full text of both publication is accompanied by a series of boxes, figures and tables where specific recommendations are given. A more concise set of practice recommendations on the subject is available as pocket guidelines (a leaflet/insert).


The Guidelines are primarily educational and not prescriptive or coercive supporting learning material. The guidelines provide a framework that can be adapted and/or adopted by national associations taking into account national socioeconomic and cultural factors. Such the guidelines are also a valuable tool used as one of the possible and very efficient teaching method. In our project this tangible result also plays a supporting role in the process of LLL education of GPs in the field of QI.


The Guidelines are available in Polish language version in both forms: paper and as a pdf file. Guidelines were printed in 2011 (diabetes) and 2012 (arterial hypertension) and widely distributed.

New guidelines for management of diabetes mellitus_2011 – click here

New guidelines for management of arterial hypertension:_2012 – click here