This is a highly innovative, addressing current issues of QI, using student-center approach and innovative pedagogies supported by ICT technology tangible result developed in the project. The materials were tested and evaluated in Prague in October 2012 on the group of 21 participants during the course for family medicine teachers.


The presented materials developed and adapted for a VET testing course provide FM teachers with the appropriate tools  (e.g. tool measure GPs' competencies and educational needs, e-learning platform, other training programmes) that make them prepared to:

  1. provide trainings on the field of QI,
  2. build their own courses for FM doctors in QI field,
  3. assess the required/gap competencies of GPs in which they should be taught
  4. finally it may help them to improve the national training programmes for GPs


The learning materials reflect the structure of the VET course and consist mainly of ppt presentations including facilitators instructions, module descriptions, supporting learning materials, and other useful tips on how to ensure a successful delivery of the course in their country, and how to provide teacher-training courses to FM teachers. The content is based on current best practices and knowledge and concentrates on delivering of practical skills how to prepare and implement in practice QI projects and how to teach students and residents QI topics.

The course materials R6 are divided into 5 modules, presenting a mixture of quality, teaching and assessment methods. There are introductory lectures. Some of them summarize current knowledge and “state of the art” in specific fields, others are introductions to exercises and plenary or small group work.


The training materials can be used in various contexts at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and also for individual learning. Since this result has an universal character it is possible to adapted it to the GPs educational programme in partner countries, but it can be also transferred to other EU countries. It may ensure not only broadening of the training courses offer, but also improve its contents and attractiveness. This product may ensure GPs from a whole Europe opportunities for vocational advancement.


VET course materials were published in the form of CD and widely distributed.

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