GuideBook on Implementation of Quality Improvement in General Practice

The 'Guidebook on Implementation of Quality Improvement in General Practice' is aimed at helping regular GP to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in order to understand and manage basic quality improvement methods.

It contains easy to follow and practical recommendations together with a comprehensive references section for those interested in further development of in depth quality studies.

The Guidebook contains guidelines on effective development and implementation of QI projects at the GP practice level, presentation of examples of some successful projects together with analysis of their success factors. It provides an overview of the most important theoretical aspects and practical recommendations that every ‘beginner’ in the field of quality improvement should find useful.

Together with the remaining  project results it is a coherent training tool that may be used in continuous professional development of GP in each EU country.


The guidebook is targeted at regular GPs looking to improve the quality of their practice using either an individual approach or a team based approach.


It has three interrelated sections.

  1. The first section presents general concepts of quality improvement in family practice. Emphasis is put at the GP’s education process and competency profile. Examples of some successful quality improvement projects in European countries are described.
  2. The second section provides an overview of the quality improvement methods and tools that can be used at an individual GP and/or practice level. The practical implementation of the quality cycle is described. Issues of patient safety and approaches to overcoming possible barriers in implementing QI initiatives are highlighted.
  3. The third section provides additional literature for those interested in further development of in-depth quality studies and includes a glossary of terms. Each chapter has an associated comprehensive set of references.


Such a GuideBook is a valuable tool used as one of the possible and very efficient teaching method. It is recommended to use it in vocational trainings by both: family medicine doctors who want to improve their knowledge and skills as well as by the academic staff and medical students during the formal training courses.

This GuideBook may be incorporated to the formal training programmes existing in the participating countries. It may support both GPs and teachers in family medicine by providing crucial information on implementing QI projects in PHC. Its implementation into the formal training programmes may improve the life-long learning education of GPs as well as improve the quality of service provided to patients by enhancing the knowledge base of practicing family physicians; this last aspect is in fact the ultimate goal of all the activities undertaken in our project.



The GuideBook is available in both paper and electronic versions.

The English version (500 copies) was printed and distributed to the target groups, the translations into the relevant partner languages are available on the digital version .