1. Report on the existing training programms, methods and tools in the field of QI
  2. Report on the successfully implemented QI projects concerning CVD aspects in GPs’ practice in Europe
  3. Web-based tool to identify individual, educational needs of GPs in QI
  4. Report with description of educational needs and required competences of GPs' in the field of QI across partners countries
  5. GuideBook containing guidelines on effective development and implementation of QI programmes on EU level
  6. Innovative VET course for FM teachers on QI
  7. Learning materials for training course in the field of QI for teachers
  8. Distance-learning module for GPs on QI
  9. New guideline for the management of arterial hypertension: a Polish perspective
  10. New guideline for the management of diabetes mellitus: a Polish perspective

    All these results make the process of improving the LLL professional education and GPs’ competencies in the field of QI feasible.