About project


The general intention of the inGPinQI project was to improve the existing training programs for both, GPs and teachers in family medicine (FM) in the field of QI by implementing new innovative didactic tools and methods in existing educational systems in Europe supported by Information/Internet Technology (IT). It has provided them with appropriate tools (e.g. a SAQ tool for measuring their gap competencies and educational needs, a DocQI online course, other educational materials for VET trainings) supported by IT technology, that can improve their skills and quality of the patient care. The project was focused on: (1) hypertension and (2) diabetes mellitus which appear as the most important problems of public health in Europe.


Two reports with the systematic overview of the existing training programs in QI and successfully implemented quality projects (which adopt a broad view of the magnitude and nature of quality), have been developed in the project supporting us in creating an important European perspective that couldn't be achieved based on experience from one country only. Data included in the reports may be used to stimulate interest of family medicine teachers on QI topics. A description of quality projects undertaken in general practice, presentation of the best examples with analysis of its success factors can help in informing them about valuable developments. That mapping done in our project gave the basis for developing the following project results:

  • Guide Book containing guidelines on effective development and implementation of QI programs on EU level.
  • New guidelines for the management of: (1) arterial hypertension and (2) diabetes mellitus.
  • A VET training course and learning materials on QI for family medicine teachers.
  • A distance-learning course for GPs on QI.
  • A web-based tool for measuring the GPs’ educational needs on QI in family medicine.



Partnership of the project consisted of 6 Partners from 5 countries: PL, CZ, DK, NL, SI. The partnership is built on the basis of searching of active partners in project area in the EU. All partners have a wide practical and theoretical experience in teaching and quality improvement themes, necessary to cover project activities and to achieve results envisaged. A various character of partners (universities, associations, SME, international organizations) ensured a complex approach to achieving project goals.


The foreseen impact/outcomes (tangible and intangible) are:

  1. development of both: GPs' and trainers' occupational qualifications
  2. improvement of quality and attractiveness of their training system
  3. increase the number participants attending the LLL medical education
  4. improvement of GPs' experience, knowledge, skills in the field of conducting and incorporating of projects on QI in in the everyday clinical setting
  5. the improved health care provided.


Promotional materials

A short project presentation (download here)

A inGPinQI project leaflet (download here)