Zavod za razvoj družinske medicine

eng. Institute for development of Family medicine


Areas of specific expertise and competence in relation to the project are: research and experimental development on field of Family Medicine as well as execution of study and of research tasks in frame undergraduate and of postgraduate program of faculty of medicine, of other (high, secondary) schools of medical and of health orientation and execution of other research projects from field of activity of Institute. Moreover, it operates in the following areas: consultancy for quality and supervision of quality, enhancement and improvement of health, performing a health care education and consultancy for preservation and enhancement of health, execution of educational curricula from field of medicine and health care on all levels.

Staff involved in the Project:

- Janko Kersnik
Zalika Klemenc-Ketis
- Marija Petek Šter
- Mateja Bulc
- Davorina Petek
- Nena Kopčavar Guček
- Barbara Toplek