Department of International Health, Faculty of Health,
Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University


The Department of International Health (IH) at FHML has a European outlook which origins from the content of the key-activities of the European Union. The department's activities cover the WHO-EURO region. It will influence national, transnational, and European policy and institutes taking advantage of the geographical situation of Maastricht in a Euregional setting. Its education and research places local, regional, and national health developments into a wider European and global perspective. Next to its educational and research activities the department is active in European projects which are related to the education and research in health. Areas of its activities: research in the area of the work done of the European Commission regarding health (e.g.EU Health Strategy), epidemiological research linked to European policy research, European comparative research on cross border developments in the field of health and care, research focusing on public health surveillance systems.

Staff involved in the Project:

- Helmut Brand
- Katarzyna M. Czabanowska
- Nynke de Jong

Maastricht University, the Department of International Health will also hire a research assistant in the project.