Project HOPE

Project HOPE – Ceska Republika, o.p.s.

eng. Project HOPE Czech Republic


Project HOPE Czech Republic has a long experience in health professional training programs including management and leadership training. Its staff are specialists in health professional education with a focus on PHC. As for organizational capacity, Project HOPE has experience in all aspects of (design, development of curriculum, implementation, evaluation) a broad range of health professional education/training, CPD, CME; management and leadership development programs from primary to secondary/tertiary care level. Further to these, implemented health systems capacity building programs in 12 countries in the CEE region; trained 3600 health care managers and leaders in 10 countries since 1992, developed care networks, quality improvement, patients safety programs, etc. Long term partnership with the community of beneficiaries, patients, health care workers, health institutions, governmental and NGOs is the key to their programs' sustainability, good governance and lasting impact.
Project HOPE – Ceska republika, o.p.s. was established in 1991. Since its inception, Project HOPE has been working towards the improvement of the effectiveness, efficiency and the quality of outcomes of the health systems in the Czech Republic (CR) and other Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Staff involved in the Project:
- Judit Csiszar
- Helena Jungova