Kolegium Lekarzy Rodzinnych w Polsce

eng. The College of Family Physicians in Poland


The College of Family Physicians in Poland–was established in 1992 in order to support physicians working in primary health care. College has about 3600 members-Polish family doctors. The main goal of the College activities are as follows: influencing the contents and format of the post-graduate training in the area of family medicine, designation of directions and principles as well as facilitating post-graduate education and continuous professional development in order to increase professional qualifications of its members. So far the College has undertaken numerous actions in order to create an effective educational system for family physicians (GPs) at all teaching levels. Owing to the implementation of this project, the College will be able to increase quality of education of family physicians, and this, in turn, will ensure the quality improvement of medical services provided by them.

Staff involved in the Project:
- Adam Windak
- Tomasz Tomasik
- Viola Kijowska
- Alicja Domagała