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Quality of health care across Europe is increasingly important issue because of growing mobility of both: professionals and patients. We observe considerable differences between national systems in ensuring of high quality care. In primary care quality improvement (QI) is a new development. Central and Eastern European Countries are only in the beginning of implementation of QI activities not only in General Practitioner (GP)/Family Doctor (FD) practices but also in hospital level. In order to accelerate the speed of adoption of QI and to avoid the repetition of mistakes, GPs from different parts of Europe should be supported by appropriate teaching programmes (at LLL level) in that field, that help them in studying of examples in their fellow countries and adapting it in their everyday practice.

The presented inGPinQI project that is aimed at improvement of the existing training programs for both, GPs and teachers of family medicine and their competencies in the field of QI is foreseen as way of overcoming that situation and increasing the number of participants attending the LLL medical education.